Anne Murray kisses Madonna and Britney Spears

Anne Murray's entertainment career has gone down hill so much that she has reverted to singing celebrity duets.

In live concert however Ms Murray, a renowned lesbian, has decided to up the act by kissing other female celebrities during her act of entertainment.

Crooning horribly the entire time, her co-stars trying to keep the audience happy by having at least one person singing in tune, Anne then completes the act by sloppily kissing each of her duet partners.

Anne Murray was inspired to start kissing all over her duet partners when she heard about the incident with Madonna and Britney Spears french kissing. "I've always wanted to kiss Madonna and Britney Spears, so I figure when I come out with Duets 2 I will get my chance to finally stick my tongue down their throats."

Her lack of finesse with kissing shows her total lack of respect and suggests her technical methods when it comes to muffdiving. You won't get much entertainment from watching it.

Fellow lesbian k.d.lang remarked "She really gives lesbians a bad name with her horrible singing. I wish she would just die already so we don't have to listen to her racket."

Christina Aguilera, not afraid to tell the truth, told reporters "Anne Murray's music makes me want to vomit, but when I see her swapping saliva with the likes of Celine Dion, Jann Arden, Sarah Brightman, Nelly Furtado, Amy Grant, the Indigo Girls, Carol King, Shelby Lynne, Martina McBride, Dusty Springfield and Shania Twain Twang I projectile vomit over everything in a ten mile radius."

Which makes us wonder, why does Anne Murray still embarrass herself like this? We all know she's a Canadian icon for making crappy music and her horrible Christmas specials, but frankly we think Canada could do better than a mundane old hag who screeches like a barn owl.

Entertainment? Bah. You'd get more entertainment from watching a dog lick its balls.

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